A Week of Change

Today was my last day commuting to work 30 minutes away. I am now officially at the Hazleton store. To commemorate the occasion, the traffic on I-81 decided to be the usual bitch and make the commute a whole hour!

Thank God that was the last of it…

Now I have a full week, with work at my new store and the interview and trying to relax and have fun in between and outside all of that. Since I feel that topic is extremely boring, why not make a couple of lists to keep myself occupied…

I would love:

  • a huge diner breakfast or a black jack taco
  • a new digital camera already!
  • a reason to dress up for Halloween
  • to relive some really fun times
  • to visit my sister and friends in Philadelphia
  • a sweet paint job for the Bu’
  • to rearrange my room into the perfect cozy place

I do not love:

  • waiting for the heat to turn on in the car because it’s getting cold again and I’m not ready for it
  • getting back pains and feeling like an old biddy
  • realizing how much you really have to work at being the best you can be
  • being far away from people I want to see

The list of things I love is longer than things I don’t love! YAY!

And…to end this random post…a picture of the cutest bunny ever!
cutebunny ‘Til next time…

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