Silver Screen Romance

Is it wrong that I still look up to these couples and swoon when I watch and rewatch them fall in love on camera over and over?

sethandsummer Seth and Summer
{The O.C.}

Steve and Miranda
{Sex and the City}

J.D. and Elliot

I know they are fictional couples. But they give me hope. Despite all the freaking odds, these couples made it through everything. And it may have taken time, but it eventually turned out right. Perhaps this is why my view of love has always been a little skewed…I want it to be like in the movies and on TV shows. But then again, it can’t be so bad to have hope.

EDIT: I forgot one of the best onscreen couples ever.
THE OFFICE -- NBC Series -- "Drug Test" -- Pictured: (l-r) -- NBC Photo: Chris Haston

No collection should be without Jim and Pam. They might even be the best.

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