The Girls Wanna Be Her

Ok…so I have a huge girl crush on Ellen Page at the moment.

I should preface my gushing by admitting that, for a while, I used to hate her. I don’t know why, because honestly there is nothing to hate, really. Ok…maybe it’s because I’m jealous. She is my age and she has a kickass job. And not just like other young actresses get to be in movies. She gets to be in awesome movies as awesome characters. She was nominated for an Oscar for Pete’s sake! So…I’m sorry, Ellen. I just wish I could be as cool as you.

The interview above cemented my love.

I must go see Whip It and soon.

jefflipsky_shooting_jan2008_009 peggysirota_marieclaireshooting_003

 peggysirota_marieclaireshooting_006 This last one slays me. And in regards to the interview, I must break out my purple tights as soon as possible.

{All photos from Ellen Page Online}

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