Corn Maze


Yesterday, Brad and I were invited to join our friend on a little corn maze excursion.
I think I might have done a corn maze once in my life, as a teensy toddler with my mom holding my hand, so I jumped at the opportunity.
It was an hour drive, but a beautiful, scenic one.
Again, the weather has been unseasonably warm, but there’s nothing like that sun beaming through leaves of orange and red.
We got to the corn maze, and the goal was to hit 12 different points. The maze was cut into a barn scene and the only way to navigate was to hope you were at the cow’s foot or something like that. Listen, I didn’t navigate. And you can bet your bottom dollar that we would’ve been lost if I had. I just had fun enjoying the walk with some great people. And, of course, snapping some photos.


This probably sounds so stupid, but I was actually surprised to see corn growing on the stalks. I guess I figured they were out of season or something, but full heads of corn were growing, falling, and budding all around us. It was neat to see. The picture directly above is a particular favorite…the roots are so cool. Not what you’d expect to see. It reminded me of those weird scalp massagers with the claws.

Next, I’m desperately waiting to head to the pumpkin patch. I’d really like to actually carve a pumpkin this year.

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