The Last Week or So in Pictures

Thought I’d share a random array of photos of the happenings of the last week-ish.

006One of the joys of being home during the day has been taking Artie for walks. I’ve loved the bonding time we’ve had…I always felt like he didn’t want to go out for me or anything, and now we have a little schedule. He’s usually at our house, so when he left after getting a tick (that I’m beating myself up for, but he’s a tough guy) I was so sad to see him go. And I’m so used to doing things to either accommodate him or keep him from getting into things he shouldn’t. So weird when he’s not around…


Last Wednesday, I got super bored in the morning. I had looked at all my usual websites and ate my bagel and coffee. So randomly, I decided to pull out some black makeup and have fun. If you’ve been watching American Horror Story: Coven , then you may have heard the fans twist the Mean Girls quote “On Wednesdays, we wear pink,” to “On Wednesdays, we wear black.” So it was fun to play into that.
Last week’s episode was whole lotta crazy, though. And not in a good way.


Bills suck, and they are just about the only mail I get these days. But sometimes, fun things arrive! I preordered my copy of Allegiant and, in perfect Amazon fashion, it arrived the day it came out! I also got some more Hex Nail Jewelry charms (they are so great, guys, buy them!). The second photo is me holding up my prizes from a recent OPI Instagram contest. I was one of 10 winners who received a signed copy of Man Repeller and Leandra’s collab polish with them. It was exciting, as I never win anything, and I’m excited to dig into the book
(and use the polish, of course….it’s a lovely pink-ish neutral).


After weeks of saying we weren’t going to get involved in Halloween parties, Brad and I caved and attended a party on Saturday and I’m really glad we did! My costume cost me 4 dollars…that’s because I didn’t have a bow. I decided to be a makeshift, modern-day Dorothy and Brad played along as a Scarecrow. We both had so much fun at the party and it was nice to be festive!


I made dinner for Brad. You are NEVER too old for dino chicken nuggets and mac and cheese.

That’s all for now!

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