Fall Feelings


October is, like so many of you out there, probably my favorite month.
Growing up, I always loved summer because it signified freedom. Playing outside all day and night, ice cream trucks, beach vacations, and absolutely NO school. Of course, as you get older, it’s still pretty great. But with work and regular responsibility, it lost that humid haze of happiness it once had for me. And now, Fall has taken over. Sweaters and boots. Hot coffee, tea, chocolate. So many baked goods.
The foliage. If that foliage could last so much longer…

Ultimately, it comes down to my extreme enjoyment of moodier weather. I love gray, rainy days (but of course, I also love crisp, clear Autumn air) because they beg some moody music and supreme relaxation. I’ve created a playlist via Grooveshark of 10 of my favorite songs for this time of year. Very chill and relaxed and ethereal, with a couple of melodic surprises.
Enjoy it with a cup of tea, your pumpkin treat of choice, and the comfiest sweater you own.

Fall Feelings by Michal Lynn on Grooveshark

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