Pretty much every morning, I make an egg and cheese sandwich on an English muffin. It’s the perfect breakfast…quick and filling.
If I don’t have the muffins, toasted bread is just fine.
I actually look forward to mornings simply because coffeeeeeeeee! I make a cup as soon as I get out of bed (though that isn’t always right after I wake up…whoops), while I’m making my breakfast. Like everyone else in the USA, I am enjoying pumpkin coffee, but I recently tried
Coffee-Mate’s Dark Chocolate Fudge creamer, and LAWD is that good. It’s like hot chocolate and coffee all in one mug. Yeah. Yum.
I haven’t included a couple of books in my Recent Reads post because I decided to put them altogether, but I’ve been lost in the Divergent trilogy. The final book comes out TUESDAY and I can’t wait to see how everything wraps up. Look forward to a post on that once I’ve finished (which might be a bit, because I’m starting a new book today and I don’t know if I’ll finish it in time for Allegiant’s arrival…I’d wait, but I need to read every day). If you haven’t heard of Divergent, I’m a little surprised. A movie will be released in March 2014 and it has a pretty strong fan base. However, I often don’t find out about a lot of YA trilogies or series until a movie or show is created from it so…yeah.
The first two seasons of New Girl are on Netflix, and Brad decided to start watching it randomly, as a quick show to play while eating. He ended up getting into it, so I’ve had fun watching it again with him. I am up-to-date with the show, as I’ve watched it every week since it started. But watching them in mini-marathons has reminded me why I watch it in the first place and how much I love the characters.
I’ve been wanting to get my grubby paws on a copy of Lorde’s Pure Heroine but I haven’t done it yet. Which is stupid, because I’ve heard the songs and they are excellent and catchy and slightly dark yet poppy and she’s 16 and amazing. In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying everything Warpaint, which is moody and melodic and beautiful and perfect for gloomy fall days (a.k.a. the best days).
In general, I have been in the mood to shop for clothes. I’m currently trying to figure out my style all over again…we change, our styles change…and right now I’m in a weird transitional period in which I have no idea what I want to wear or what size I fit in and I hate everything I own. I’ve been looking at clothes on Cotton On, Forever 21, and, of course, ASOS.

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