So, I’m officially work-free for 9 days! Well, that’s including the weekends (once again, despite that volunteering next Saturday, but that’s only 3 hours out of my open schedule). This is a very good thing.

Unfortunately, starting yesterday (of course), I was having back pains that a lot of people wanted to attribute to kidney stones/problems. I’m keeping my chin up and attributing it to the fact that I sleep in a bed that’s too small and have the worst diet ever. I need to work on that. Let’s hope any sort of real health problems decide to bypass me.

I really need this time to myself. As Tenacious D once said, I’m “searching for inspirado.” Ever have that time in your life when you have no idea what you’re doing/want to do and you’re starting to forget who you are and what you like? And everyone else seems to be doing something awesome or better than you? Okay, maybe it’s just me…but that’s sort of what I’m going through right now.

Not that long ago, I was the girl who carried around at least 2 cameras at once, who had fun plans all the time (even if they were the same things over and over with good people), who felt happy with the season and with life. But then, I think I started to fall into a rut. Work started to stress me out, money started to stress me out, and I lost track of all the things that are actually me. I started looking at everyone else’s life and getting jealous and I hate that feeling more than anything. I’m hoping to get back to that happy me state.

I don’t have many plans but here are some things I want to do on vacation…:

  • Sleep in everyday!
  • Finish rolls of film on each of my cameras and take lots of pictures with the digital.
  • Wear whatever I want all day long
  • Swim with friends
  • Drive around, listen to great music, and go where the day takes me
  • Buy an iPhone 4
  • Travel to New Jersey to see Kings of Leon and tailgate with my bfffff Rafter
  • Clean out my room/closet and give clothes away that I never wear
  • Eat healthier (and for some reason I think the OPPOSITE of this is going to happen)
  • Maybe dye my hair again?

The best part is not really knowing what’s going to happen…just doing it. I hope I get a nice refreshing vacation full of stress-free activities, friendship, freedom, and fun!

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