My eyes are in a bit of a pickle. I went to the doctor and found out that I’ve been wearing contacts way too often, and my eyes are becoming very irritated and sensitive (and in turn, bloodshot and dry and scary) because of it. According to him, this is my wake-up call. If I don’t start doing it properly, and giving my eyes a rest by wearing glasses more, I might be stuck wearing glasses to tha death. So…needless to say, I’m wearing my glasses. Especially since I’m waiting for my eyes to not be so red anymore.

Unfortunately, I’ve had this pair since 2006. Let’s just say, they aren’t exactly spot on prescription-wise, and they aren’t really my style anymore. So this is the kick in the pants I need to finally buy a pair of nice, simple, professional, womanly but also cute spectacles so that I can protect myself, look and feel comfortable with myself, and see perfectly all at the same time.

glassesgirl ==
The FIT Couture Council Luncheon honoring ALBER ELBAZ of LANVIN==
Rainbow Room, NYC==
Saptember 5, 2007==
Photo - JOE SCHILDHORN/PatrickMcMullan.com==
==glasses2 glassesmeganglasses_olsen

I guess it’s a little obvious what style I’m into. 

{Images from Google and Geek, c’est Chic)

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