What’s in the bag?


A couple of weeks ago, I started carrying around this cute tote bag. I got it from Target and it was a single dollar.
That’s besides the point.

The reason I decided to start bringing it around for certain occasions (whenever I’m at Brad’s, obviously, but our trip to Virginia as well), is because it holds one of my new favorite things, something that I would be silly not to have readily available. That thing is my new Project Life journal!


A few weeks ago, I stopped at Michaels (like I do oh-so-often) and spotted some exclusive PL items I just couldn’t say no to. If you read Becky Higgins’ blog, you’ve probably heard about the new core kits, 6x8 albums, and journal/planner/recipe inserts for the binders. I posted a picture on Instagram, so if you follow me it’s not news.
Still, I am so excited about it!

I cannot get enough of Project Life and I cannot express enough how happy I am that I’ve made it a part of my life.
Documenting the day-to-day is something I enjoy now and that I know I will be thankful for when I want to look back.

When I was a young teen, I couldn’t go a night without journaling. I don’t remember when I stopped doing it (and I’m scared to even look back at the crazy pubescent drama). I’ve always loved documenting, hence the blog.
This journal is where I can write about goals, hopes, and dreams that are a bit more private to me, while still being something that family and close friends can read eventually.

Honestly, all you need is a binder and the journal inserts (which are currently only available in Michaels stores…which is nice because they always have good coupons!). The rest is up to you.
I purchased a 12 pack of photo pocket pages to add some memorabilia, pics, and additional journaling cards.
You can see that I used them on the bottom right.
The pages are great. A lot of them are just decorative, but there are some with prompts that help any creative ruts.


I should also add that there are so many pages, and they are so thick, that your book will be stuffed. I had to staple the holes on the first two pages because they got ripped from each time I opened it. I stuffed all of the journal pages, dividers, and photo pockets in at one time, so that’s also a factor. I just like that everything is already in there and I can literally journal whenever and wherever I bring it (like on the trip to Virginia, when I documented a bit about each hour of the journey there). If I don’t like the next page that comes up, I sift through and find something I like or that flows with the embellishments or last page I used. Easy peezy!

Project Life has seriously brought a lot of joy into my life.
If you’re interested in it but don’t feel like making the 12x12 commitment or you’re not a photo-heavy person,
check out these little guys!

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