This Week’s Greatest Hits

Today, we are off to move Maria to her new home in Virginia. Instead of feeling sad, I kind of feel like it’s not real.
I know it’ll hit me soon enough. Still, I’m happy for her and glad I’ll have a new place to visit…but she’s my best friend and I will really miss having her around. This week was great because we got to spend a lot of time together.


On Sunday, we had a super lazy day in Maria’s bedroom. We watched fluff movies on TV (like The Ugly Truth) and ate way too much ice cream. It was a dream come true. Perfect lazy Sunday, just as I had hoped.


Brad and I had a little date after work on Monday, which was nice. After dinner we gambled, and I turned $10 to $60. So that was fun! I don’t do that anymore…back in 2011, we had a lot of luck. It’s smart to stay away, but it can be fun if you don’t mind losing your money…which I do haha.


On Tuesday, the plan was to go to Jimmy’s Hot Dogs for lunch, one of the few good things left in our hometown. I was unaware, and Maria forgot, that they are closed on Tuesdays! We still ended up having a good meal at a local restaurant and I made us stop by the mall to get this goofy photobooth strip. I really want to take more photos in photobooths!


Yesterday was gorgeous. It truly finally felt like spring is here. I hope it stays. I took Artie for the last walk for who knows how long, and I love this photo of him. His shadow kills me.


Finally, we enjoyed some blood orange G&Ts with one of my current favorite candies as a garnish.

Things are going to change a bit around here…I don’t know when it will hit me that Maria won’t be home after 5pm or for stretches at a time, depending on holidays and an open schedule. Still, I’m excited for her and this new opportunity.
I hope it brings all of the best things!!!

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