Project Life: March Layouts


February’s layouts really took up a huge portion of my binder. I started (and still kind of am) worrying about not being able to fit everything in the one book. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with splitting up the year in a couple of books, but I’d ideally like to have everything in one. That’s just how I roll. It’s probably obvious, but Mexico is the reason why the month went on for many, many pages. I now know I could’ve done a smaller book focusing just on the vacation, but that’s the fun part of doing this…I’m learning!


A few more things I’ve learned in the few months of Project Life (for me):
1) When it comes to pictures, less is more. I’ve been printing close to 100 photos every month. I don’t regret having the extra photos (I know they will be put to use somehow), but I learned that it’s best to keep it cohesive. If I really love the random photos, they can go on a layout at the end of the month. Otherwise, it’s nice to focus on the big moments.
2) Embellishments are fun! One of the great things about Project Life is that the core kits are filled with beautiful, fun, and creative cards that are decorative enough to focus on just those and the cards. However, it’s really nice to add those little touches! I’m having fun throwing stickers on cards and even on pictures. And, in case it isn’t obvious, I LOVE chipboard and foam letter stickers. They are so much fun. It’s nice to have a 3D effect going throughout the book.
3) Part of me is a little crazy and wants to stay cohesive with just the Sunshine core kit, which is hard because I now have 3 additional core kits for future use. I know many people mix and match their core kits, but again, that’s not really for me. However, I am having fun playing with craft paper and cardstock for additional complimentary fillers.
It’s good to be open about this…it’s not going to be perfect, and that’s what’s fun about it!

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