Mondays. Boo.

I don't understand why the weekend has to go by so damn fast.
I had a good, albeit crazy, weekend.
My sister came in to visit on Thursday and stayed until Saturday afternoon.
We showed her a good and dramatic (haha) time. I am hoping to post some pictures of that and her soon, when I get them in.
Basically, we watched Twilight (yes, I am a fan), went shopping, and stayed up late on Friday drinking and have a good ol' time.

Now I'm back here, without her and with time flying so fast and school work to focus on as the last month of my last year of college approaches (it begins Wednesday people)!

Something I feel the need to share is my passion for food.
I recently told anyone who reads this about my exercise dvd. It was neglected the two days my sister was here because we had an extra mattress pulled in my room on the floor and it took up space. No worries, I did the whole 50 minute dvd yesterday and felt great.
However, its hard to make any kind of progress when you give into temptation and find yourself going to both Wendy's and Taco Bell at 10:30 PM and spending money you really shouldn't on this and this and this and this. It was so comforting and delicious, though.
Which is exactly my problem. Yes, I love eating. But I do it ALL THE TIME. Even when I'm not hungry. And that isn't going to help, especially when I like the worst food ever! Healthwise.

Honestly, if I could, I would eat chicken wings (from Tommy's or Bart and Urby's probably), Super King Buffet Chinese, and Taco Bell all day every single effing day of my life. And I would be content.
But I would no long have the normal BMI or weight for my height and age. I wouldn't no longer fit into my size 1-2 pants, even though they are a little tighter these days. And I probably would not longer have a working heart.

I cannot diet or deprive myself. But I know I need to come up with a better hobby then fast food extraordinaire.

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