Sorry for the lack of posts these past few days. Busy bee...though, not really.
Break has already come and gone.
I topped mine off with a trip to Philadelphia to visit my sister. Bought (more like splurged) the red Afrika print pocket frock from American Apparel and also fell in love with this item.
Now I'm back at school and I'm really ready for some FUN!
The weather is slowly but surely picking up.
I can't wait to pull out more skirts, shorts, and dresses.
Things making me anxious this week:
- Going back to class when I really don't want to.
- Whipping up a good cover letter to find jobs which I really don't want to.
Things making me happy:
- Haircut on Wednesday so that I might finally feel confident again and might actually take more photos to post on here.
- Septum piercing, this Friday. Cannot wait.

Hope when I talk again I will have more interesting things to say!

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