The Thing About Being Home

  1. It's nice to sleep in, because breaks mean that I have nothing to do for most of the day.
  2. I missed soft toilet paper. And doing my laundry for free.
  3. There is nothing to eat and yet I keep finding unhealthy things to snack on.
  4. I have to wait around all day to find out if I got dressed for a reason.
  5. I still stress about money, because break means I have to find something to do or go nuts instead.
  6. I basically live out of a bag.
  7. I cannot wait to have my own place.
Aside from getting an MRI today (a checkup on a problem from the summer that will hopefully be nothing big), I have done nothing today. Slept in a little, finished watching Being John Malkovich (I don't know why Charlie Kaufman's movies get put in the Comedy section, as they are almost mostly depressing), and showered up. I'm supposed to go out tonight, but its hard to find things to do when its not as simple as an IM or a cross-campus walk away. Break is already going by too fast and I am still debating whether or not I really want to go to Philadelphia.
Good thing I like to do things on a whim when I'm alone.

It's sunny today...but the snow is still on the ground.
I've been looking at plenty of blogs and sites out of sheer boredom.
Here are some of my favorites.
The Stylish Wanderer
Punky Style
Fashion Fille
Flying a Kite
Cupcakes and Cashmere

Oh. And if you're an occasional computer gamer like my nerdy self, but you also like fashion, you should definitely go to Playfirst or Arcadetown and check out the Jojo's Fashion Show series. It is just about the most fun!

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