Something is wrong with my right eye.

Since daylight savings, I've been exhausted.
And its the perfect weather outside (chilly and gray) to stay in bed and cuddle with a friend, lover, or your favorite stuffed animal. Unfortunately, there's work to be done.
I shan't complain...I mean, I love getting up at a decent hour on a regular basis, having 3 meals, and not being cooped up all day...however, somedays there's nothing better than simply being cooped up.

I am getting so sick of jeans, the same cardigan sweaters. When can I wear my short sleeved shirts and a light jacket? Skirts and shorts? Tights without getting chilly from the cold? Hopefully soon. It is March after all. Unfortunately, according to The Weather Channel, my area is in for highs in the 40s, and not much sun. What can you do?

I braved the chill anyway and threw on a pair of cutoff shorts I made out of skinny jeans that stretched out too far and shrunk a bit. I have two of these self-made pairs. I got them from PacSun and even though I feel bad that my parents bought me 2 pairs of jeans and I cut them up, I get more use from them now then I would've wearing them as plain old jeans. I layered with blue ruffled tights and my pink Docs.

I need to get better at this picture thing.
Much needed haircut tomorrow...so excited!

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