Well, Hello!


Pardon my disappearance for the last week or so…I never got to share much about it here on the blog, but I joined Brad’s family in Riviera Maya, Mexico for several days and it. was. amazing. I wanted to write up a little post before I left, but time just flew and before you know it, I’m already back from trip!

There’s so much to share, so much I’m behind on. Recent reads, craft projects, good times with friends, and, of course, a ton of photos and stories about my time in Mexico! It was only my second time out of the country and it was…just fantastic. We actually left at the perfect time, too, missing out on epic snow storms back in our hometowns. Though it was rough saying goodbye, I decided to focus on the positives. I’ve missed painting my nails and working on my Project Life. I’ve missed my family and I’ve missed writing on my blog! It’s freezing, and I miss paradise, but there’s loads to keep me occupied at home and tons of reasons to be happy.

If I sound a little crazy positive, it’s because I am right now! The vacation proved to be rejuvenating and a great reminder of how blessed I am to live the life I do. It’s time to go hard on everything I love.
I hope the motivation lasts…

Look forward to a bunch of posts in the next few days!

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