Bits and Pieces of Happy Things

Just some photos of things that have been brightening my days lately.


On a recent Michaels binge, I purchased this label maker for 3 bucks. I was nervous, because it was on clearance, it’s not the strongest looking thing, but I figured why not? It is EXACTLY what I’ve always wanted in a label maker.
So excited to go bonkers with it!


I love these men’s socks I got before Christmas. Comfortable and warm, perfect under sneakers or boots.
I only wish I could’ve gotten every color!


I love receiving snail mail. Since I started sending it out, I have gotten a few responses and, as I intended it for other people, it brightens up the depressing stacks of bills and junk. This one, from my friend Erica, included a two page letter that I can’t wait to respond to!


I’d look through past posts, but I don’t think I showcased my nail polish rack yet. To be honest, I could really use another one, because I have a lot of polish. I’m still using the lazy Susan Brad made for me, which showcases my most frequently used polishes. But I love looking over and seeing the organized bottles. It makes planning a manicure so much easier and it looks great, too!


So, both of my Instax cameras have broken in some way. The big guy bit the dust after I dropped it (on carpet, but not for the first time) and the photos wouldn’t feed out. The mini’s only flaw is that the flash doesn’t work. This means I can’t really use it in darker settings, kind of a bummer. However, I tested it out in natural light and it still looks lovely.
I guess this means I don’t need a new one, after all? Not that I’m opposed…


Since Brad set up the record player, I’ve made it a goal to get modern music into his collection, specifically my favorites artists and albums. I got these bad boys in the mail, and I can’t wait to play them. I now have both of Lana’s releases (LP and EP), Toro Y Moi’s Causers of This, Radiohead’s amazing In Rainbows, and Minus the Bear’s re-issue of Highly Refined Pirates, which is especially awesome because the record is an opaque white. My Amazon wishlist is chockfull of more albums, but they aren’t exactly the cheapest things, so I’ll slowly build the collection over time.


  1. Couple of things-
    -OMG there's my card! Trader Joe's is the best for cards! I can't wait to get yours back too. I remember writing letters when I moved to Missouri and I loved getting them in the mail. I still have a lot!
    -OMG to the Lana vinyls! Where did you get them? I want them! I got my bf a record player for Xmas and I wanted to buy a Lana record to swoon over!

    1. All of my vinyl purchases have been from Amazon! You can purchase them from Amazon or one of the marketplaces. I just look for the best price. And your letter should be arriving soon!