A Goodbye For Now…

Things are changing around these parts. Some of the most important people in my life have either moved away or will be moving away, and I can’t help but feel the teensiest devastated. A lot of my friends have moved…some are still within the state and some are in completely different time zones. Still, I’m not sure if I’ll ever get used to people leaving.
Not too far from now, Brad and I will practically be the only people left here.

Anyway, my dear friend Lauren got a job offer (so excited for her!) that is taking her to a new home in New Jersey.
She moved when Brad and I were away, so luckily we were able to squeeze in a little movie night at home and she had a little shindig at a bar, where we enjoyed food, horn music, and way too many drinks. It was some of the most fun I’ve had in a while. Of course, I enjoy an adult beverage, but I don’t usually go crazy. It was fun to act out a bit.
(All photos with the iPhone, most edited with VSCO cam)


Lauren surprised me with a painted mason jar vase filled with pretty flowers and some yummy baked treats! We laughed about the fact that her little reserved table had it’s own centerpiece. So lovely.


A toast to new ventures!


The ladies at dinner, April, Lauren, and I.


Fireball shots (yeah, when shots are involved, you know it’s going to get crazy) and the cute little band that played flawlessly. I love when the music at a bar actually compliments the vibe as opposed to overpowering it. No need to scream over this music. I got a little video of them playing. It was great.


Before I left, I had to squeeze in one more photo with just the two of us. You can tell I had some fun.

Miss you, Lauren! But I’m wishing you the best and I can’t wait to come visit your new place.

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