Super Craft Sunday

So, I don’t really care much for sports. I enjoy a live baseball game or hockey game, but I’m often not even paying attention to the action and just enjoying the atmosphere. Same goes for the Super Bowl. I don’t really care about the game, but I love eating tons of wings and dips and the commercials and halftime show (if they are decent).
This year, Paulina and I decided to do some crafting while the guys watched the Super Bowl (kind of).
Paulina bought a bunch of ceramic mushrooms and we painted them with acrylic paints. Brad joined in and did a pretty awesome and elaborate mushroom house. He doesn’t really care about sports, either. I like that about him.


How awesome is Brad’s?
I wish I had taken a photo of our end results. Paulina made two really cool ones.


I did this purple gradient, but I ended up adding some silver glitter paint to the top and bottom of the mushroom, just to add a little oomph, so that still isn’t the finished product.

As with any craft, I get a little overwhelmed. Sometimes I have a vision, and that makes it a little easier to just go for it. Other times (most times), I have to start from scratch. But painting is such a fun, distracting activity. I made the darkest purple mixing paints and was pleased with the result. Not every item will turn out the way you want, but it’s fun to try!

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