Recent Reads, 4/40: Why Can’t I Be You?


Book #4 wasn’t originally the novel above. There was a bit of a slip up, and I plan on sharing more about that in a later post. But because of the slip up, and the nature of the faulty read, I compensated with this book I got a while ago that I knew would be the perfect fluffy read to cleanse my brain.

Why Can’t I Be You? by Allie Larkin is the epitome, to me, of a fluffy girl book.
Our narrator and protagonist is Jenny Shaw, a woman who’s seemingly got it all together, but it crumbles quickly and all at once. When she heads out of town for a conference, fresh off a break up and a series of unfortunate events, she thinks she hears someone call her name at the hotel. It turns out the woman calling after her in the elevator was actually calling for Jessie, but Jenny plays along, thinking she’ll temporarily appease this woman (close to her age) for the duration of the ride and too distraught to keep it together. Of course, it doesn’t end there. Myra, the woman who called to her, and her friends all believe she is Jessie Morgan, their best friend who disappeared immediately after graduation.
Jenny, sick of not knowing who she is and working to please other people, goes with it, full-force.

The book was an easy read, a mindless escape. I couldn’t help but wonder what the hell Jenny was thinking…I mean, really? How can you pretend to be someone else for so long, to string along these friends who are basically family? In a way, I know they are searching for someone they lost, just as she is searching for someone she never knew (herself). Still, I don’t think her tough upbringing and introverted ways should be justification for the con.

Still, it’s nice to read a book that’s fun yet holds a bit of intrigue. Who is Jessie Morgan? Why did she leave in the first place? Will her friends ever find out about the real Jenny Shaw? Etc.

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