Since the weather is looking like this in humble NEPA, I couldn't be more excited for the weekend. Despite the fact that I have a good 7 hour shift at Blockbuster tomorrow, I'm planning on making this weekend fantastic and I don't intend on staying inside longer than I have to.
On a quick job note, I used to love working at Blockbuster. But lately, it's driving me nuts. For one, I'd rather work in the daytime and get my shift out of the way. Unfortunately, my shift tomorrow is from 4-11, so kinda sorta right when I'd rather be winding down or enjoying my day even more.
Which has just proved to me that I NEED to start looking for a real job...or something that won't drive me nuts like the big B. Hahaha. When I help customers, I tend to wish I was one of the content couples or relaxed loners who are about to curl up with a movie they want to watch. I MISS THAT. I hate when jobs make something simple un-fun.

At any rate, I only have 3 more days left of classes.

Also, the more I think about the end of my schooling, I can't help but look at the near future of summer vacation. Sure, the concept I've been going by will be done after this last one, or this last feeling of one. But I'm going to enjoy it anyways.
I'm looking forward to shorts and skirts, tank tops and strappy sandals. I will be going to the Hometown Auction as much as possible and loading up on chicken tenders, french fries, and Guers Iced Tea while rummaging through 1-5 dollar bins. I will make sure I lay out on the sand of Hickory Run lake at least a few times, hopefully staying away from getting burnt this time. I will eat my fill in soft-serve ice cream, grilled steak and chicken, and corn on the cob. I will enjoy my freedom. Yay.

Also, if you don't like the show Project Runway, well, I just don't know why. I am severely bummed that Bravo had issues and the show will no longer be on that channel (Instead, there is The Fashion Show, set to debut in about two weeks, and what I will consider a cheap knockoff until it proves me wrong). I heard a rumor that the next season of my beloved Project Runway will be airing on Lifetime this summer. Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn....you cannot go wrong! If this is true, then I am content.

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