Hail to the Kings

I am an enormous fan of Kings of Leon. I got to see them live last November, and I have to admit I'm frightened I won't get to see them again...word is, they are selling out arenas, and even Madison Square Garden.

I know a lot of fans are disappointed by this sudden rush of fame and popularity. I myself am usually a selfish music lover...I can try and hoard it all to myself. But Kings of Leon is the one thing I've actually been happy to hear getting big. The Followill family are a bunch of talented boys. Their latest album, Only By the Night came out this past fall and it is the first one to actually make an impact in the United States. Did I mention it's their FOURTH album? They are gigantic outside of the US.

Anyway, they are definitely on a different, unique, and still classic level. They deserve a lot of the attention that bands like U2, Coldplay, and Radiohead got over years of hard work. Radiohead is a perfect example of how I think Kings of Leon will be. It's hard to find someone who doesn't know their name. But even still, not many people like them or maybe even know their songs. Kings of Leon is similar. They are splashed on rock magazine covers and they have won the coveted Grammy, but that doesn't mean they will be blaring on mainstream radio anytime soon.

So I stand by my gorgeous, talented men, whether they blow up or not. And every album has a bit of different flare while still being perfectly Followillian. The only thing that upsets me is...well...

I can share the music...but I don't wanna share the man.

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