I know there probably aren't a lot of you readers out there for this blog, but if so, I am terribly sorry I haven't written. By now, you have probably forgotten about me.
But life is totally crazy right now!

For starters, I only have 2 weeks left of college classes for the rest of my life today.

because of that, and because of impending finals, I am loaded not only with stuff to do but things to think about.

I have yet to put out my resume. I'm foolish for not doing it.

I'm lucky that I still have my gig at Blockbuster. But as people come and go and the place gets more dramatic, I'm getting bored with it.

Then again, in this economy, I'm lucky to have anything. But I'm also sure I can get something even better.

I just got back from Easter break on Monday.

It was so nice to be home with my family, despite the fact that we always end up fighting. My brain actually shut off about the typical drama I constantly feel in the apartment. As much as I love freedom from my family, I need that break from the people that drive me nuts. My family does too, but I'll love them regardless. College roomies? Not so much.

On top of the lag in writing, I got a virus on my laptop over the break.

SO ANGRY. It's my fault though, trying to watch Gossip Girl online.

Now my laptop is chillin' at IITS on my campus. I don't know when I'll get it back.

I'm using a school computer. Even though I feel nuts without my laptop sitting peacefully, waiting for me to use it on my desk, I've been a little more productive. Spent 2 hours in the library finishing up an 8 page paper. I still have to do the works cited, and yes its due tomorrow and I only finished most of it today. But hey! It's done.

I don't know when I'll get the computer back.

And even worse, I'm worried whatever my computer caught will destroy all the photos and music that I don't have backups of at all.

Then again...a new one wouldn't be so bad...well, whenever I can get the stuff from the old one on there.

All in all, life is nuts here.
But I wanna keep posting.
Don't give up yet.

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