Taste of Summer

Day 1 of the expected 4 days of 80-degree weather.
I have red shoulders.
I slept in late, which is delectable and immediately washed up, threw on a sundress, and sat in the sunshine reading a book.
Quick lunch outside before I had to shower and get ready for work.
I'm pretty sure the burn came when I was eating. I felt the sun on my back but I didn't think I'd be that sensitive. I think I got London skin when I lived there for two months.
Work went by quick, which is good. But it's 11 PM on a Saturday night. I'm less than a month away from being 22 years old. I'm in college. And I'm BLOGGING.
There's something wrong with this picture.

I'm probably just going to curl up with a movie. Or maybe my book.
And speaking of books, have you read the Jessica Darling books by Megan McCafferty? (Top 5 on the list)
If you haven't...do. They are written in a journal style and even though the books start off with a teenager girl struggling through high school, they end with a woman graduated from college and that part of her life. It's insanely good. You'll find it in the Fiction section of your bookstore. These ain't no YA novels. And, interesting fact about Megan McCafferty, if you email her, she'll respond.
I know because I was a lucky email recipient years and years ago.

Also, waking up today was hard because I dreamt that I this guy below wanted to date me.

If only...

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