This Week’s Greatest Hits

Looking back on all the good good that went down.

We watched the Oscars with snacks and drinks, like we do every year!


Maybe it was the several sparkling wine cocktails, but that was the most fun I’ve had watching the Oscars in years!

I went to Panera Bread 3 days in a row.


I work less than a minute drive away from Panera, so when I have an hour for lunch, I just go there. I like to get a coffee and I’m trying to branch out on the soups and sandwiches (the picture from above was during a 5a-2p shift, so my “lunch” was at 9 am, hence the breakfast) and I read and relax.

Lots of pretty sunsets.


The one thing I don’t usually mind about winter is that the sunsets are often insane.
So bright and intense, with different colors from day to day.

Mac and Cheese night with my sister.


Bart & Urby’s does a Mac&Cheese night every Wednesday, and Maria has been several times while I haven’t gone at all. So, since we had to switch cars so she could take a trip to Virginia this weekend, I mentioned that we should go.
It was tasty, but I definitely think they should offer up some more add-ons. I got bacon and fried chicken (because I care about what I put in my body), but I think broccoli deserves to be on their list!

Paulina and I had another craft day.


I’ll talk more about this in a later post, but we decided to go for a spring-y craft in the hopes that it will start warming up soon! We also drank wine, talked tons (I love getting to know more about friends!), and listened to Lana Del Rey on vinyl.

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  1. I miss panera! And I would totally support broccoli.