100 Happy Days

For a few days now, I’ve been seeing a lot of #100HappyDays on Instagram and reading about it on various websites.
You might remember a post I did a little while ago about one of my new favorite apps, Happier.
It’s become a staple of my daily routine, to post at least once on the app and to read the daily inspirations and happiness of other people. I truly feel like it’s brightened my mood and changed my perspective a bit.
So, I’ve decided to try out 100 Happy Days, as well!


Listen, I know the drill. I know so many people who say that they don’t have time for certain things but I really believe making time for something like this is important. It’s about stepping outside of yourself and really appreciating life around you. That’s what Happier has done for me, and I believe this challenge will help so many people.
I know so many of you will roll your eyes and scoff. Sometimes I annoy myself when I talk about how doing things like this has helped. But it does help. I used to get angry at the sight of motivational posters, t-shirts, mugs, etc.
But really, the days seem much easier to handle when you can find something…just ONE thing…that makes it all worth while. And trust me, you will. As the site explains, it can be anything….and it’s not there to brag or boast.
Just taking the time to think about this one thing, which will probably take you about 2 minutes, will do wonders for your mood. Trust me…I am proof.

So, are you in?
I start today!

Check my Instagram for daily posts, and maybe I’ll do a round-up every once in a while.

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