Crafty Moments: Floral Crowns

My friend Paulina and I have gotten closer simply because we love getting together and making things. She’s always been creative while I’m always trying to learn something new. We knew we wanted to have a “crafternoon” last week, but we weren’t sure what to work on. We brainstormed over lunch and ended up settling on floral crowns, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. I made it mandatory to listen to Lana Del Rey’s albums on vinyl (she is the queen of floral crowns in my eyes) and we had fun making these pieces that has us hoping for spring!


We definitely had some wine in the afternoon. Wine helps with creativity. I’m sure that’s a scientifically proven fact.
Can’t wait for our next crafternoon!

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  1. So pretty! Why is there no flower crown selfie?!