Nail Art Lately…

Time to share my nail art from the past month!


My first nails of the month were probably my absolute favorites of the month as well. Mixed manis are a favorite of mine. It takes the pressure off of perfecting one design on each nail and it just looks fresh. I am obsessed with the steel gray polish I used, Sephora’s Formula X in Vivacious. I also used a solid gray for one of the nails, a random Revlon polish. The bright pink is one of my stand-by polishes, OPI’s Sparrow Me the Drama. Finally, I used Deborah Lippmann’s Bohemian Burgundy from the GIRLS collection. The dotted frame is a favorite that I need to use more often.


No nail art in the photo above, but this is the stunning Push and Shove chrome polish from Gwen Stefani’s OPI line. The mirror finish is insane. If you’re looking to wear it more than one night, you’re out of luck. It comes with a base coat that is supposed to accentuate the chrome and help it have a smooth finish.
Still a little brushstroke-y but it’s perfect for a fun night out!


These were my nails for Mexico…they didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned, but my mom bought me Kate Broughton nail decals and I thought the tropical drinks were perfect for our all-inclusive getaway! I still have stickers of various kinds that I can’t wait to use (and perfect next time), but it was a decent first try.


After having the same nails for over a week, I couldn’t wait to get some new nail art on! Chalkboard Nails posted a gorgeous, subtle Valentine nail that I couldn’t wait to replicate. I used a variety of purples. I need to perfect my smaller dots, but I really like the look of this nail and think you can do so many different color schemes for this.


I have a bunch of textured polishes, but I often stay away from them. Manicures without top coats just don’t last as long with me. Still, after getting the studs, I could just envision them with my Nails, Inc. Leather Effect polish. It was the exact look I wanted. I can’t wait to use the studs with a top coat because they started popping off the next day (I only used top coat to place them instead of nail glue). I just got a purple leather polish and I want to do this look again soon.


For Christmas, my friend Catie got me this beautiful, multi-colored shredded glitter polish from Forever 21. It’s been sitting in my collection for a while, waiting to be used, but I usually stay away from glitter when I know I won’t want to go through the process of removing it. Catie recommended I used with OPI’s Don’t Pretzel My Buttons, one of my favorite neutrals that really helps the glitter pop. Simple but stunning. And I love my new midi rings from
Mishella Boutique, which complimented the look nicely.


Finally, I used The Dainty Squid’s scotch tape method to do this geometric look inspired by the Kraft Edition core kit for Project Life. Next time I do this (and there will be a next time), I will use smaller shapes and not so much layering. That seemed to keep the polish from smoothing out with top coat. Still, I like the look in the end. And let’s not forget that Becky Higgins (creator of Project Life) featured them on her Instagram!

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