Currently Obsessed: Target Stationery


This year, I decided to try and send snail mail regularly to my friends. It’s been going pretty well so far.
I just wanted to try and brighten people’s days with happy mail, instead of the usual bills and junk.
It started with some note cards I purchased from the one spot at Target, as well as the discount section at Michaels.
The addition of rubber stamps and washi tape for my scrapbooks help to add a bit more flare to the mail.
But the start of this became the start of something else…

Have you been to the One Spot of your Target lately? If not, I suggest running as soon as possible.
Most people know that if you go to Target for one thing, you will leave with so much more. That place is magical and dreadful all at once. However, the One Spot, where nothing is more than 3 dollars (and, of course, the majority is $1) is a nice place to look if you’re feeling the need to buy something without spending too much.

Each item in the photo above is from that section and cost $1 a piece. And the best part about all of it is that it all looks amazing. It’s so inexpensive, yet it’s beautiful and it doesn’t feel like an impulse buy because it’s all useful.


Obviously, there are the notecards…they come with matching and often decorated envelopes.


Next up is the gorgeous matching stationery. The top polka dot and floral, coral and blue designs are insanely beautiful. I love the color combos so much, I even did nail art inspired by the floral! The bottom set satisfies my deep love for multi-colored polka dots. If you’re a close friend, you may know that I wear a particular Gap t-shirt waaaayyyy too often. So anything that reminds me of it automatically becomes a must-have.
I don’t know what I’m going to do with the twine, but why not?


One final thing from the $1 section are these page flags. I’ve been using them on the library books I’ve read so far this year, particularly the ones that Katie and I are reading for our book club. Cute and fun!

I am just so in love with these items, and they seem to keep adding new designs and new types of notepads, from To-Do lists to journals, on a regular basis. There’s something for everyone!

Although they are not a part of the One Spot, these Mara Mi notepads were on clearance at Target, as well.
I had to share them. They make me want to get a nice desk to display and organize all of my lovely stationery and notes.


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  1. I always want everything in the dollar section!! This stuff is super cute!