Colours and Colours and Colours and Colours

As much as I love painting my nails and doing nail art, I find I have a hard time coming up with color combinations.
Sometimes what I think will look good and compliment each other doesn’t actually work out. And when you have 100+ polishes and counting, it’s easy to get frustrated and settle instead of digging through the archives.

But lately I’ve been pulling inspiration from around me.


This Martha Stewart notebook served as inspiration both in color and in design.
I used OPI’s My Vampire is Buff as the base.
Then I did a polka dot ombre with:
OPI’s Call Me Gwen-ever
Wet N Wild Wild Shine’s Sunny Side Up
Urban Outfitters brand’s Hangover (no longer available)
Parfois Banana Cream


This was the result. I was so pleased with how it worked out!


While pondering what to do with my nails one night, I spotted these page flags on the kitchen table. My sister bought them for my mom.
I loved the colors…it’s yet again another ombre feel, but the addition of the greens makes it stand out a bit. I used…

Essie’s Naughty Nautical
OPI’s No Room for the Blues
Julep’s Bess
OPI’s Did It On ‘Em
OPI’s Don’t Talk Bach to Me


I decided to try my hand at gingham nails. I much prefer them in just Naughty Nautical or Bess, but it was still a decent first try.


Finally (but not forever), I was inspired by these awesome cropped pants I bought at Target on sale. The purple isn’t on point in this picture, but it translated well once the nail art was done.

Once again, I used OPI’s My Vampire is Buff as a base. It is an excellent off-white crème. Then I used three jellies from the Sunsational collection from China Glaze. They are excellent, and you can buy the set of them here.
Purple: Are You Jelly?
Blue: Isle See You Later
Green: Keepin’ it Teal

Then I used Sally Hansen’s Black Out to waterspot the nails (what a process). CutePolish and Chelsea King have great tutorials on this.


I wasn’t especially proud of these…until I got them next to the pants!


Dead ringer if I say so myself!

It’s so much fun to take inspiration from the items around you.

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