Project Life: June Layouts


Now that it’s July…it’s time for June’s Project Life layouts!

My photos for June were very sparse. I printed way less than I usually do, and I didn’t even use all of them.
I guess the fact that the book is so huge already is getting me nervous.
Because of this, the layouts are all pretty simple.


The first layout focuses on my trip to Virginia, specifically the journey there.
I used the June wood veneer from Studio Calico’s Hello, Hello kit. I love the way it looks.
The “enjoy the adventure” card and date washi tape was also the perfect addition for this page.
I printed out a few Instagram photos with the full intention of using them in another page like last month, but they were all too random that I decided to stick them to some cardstock, which you can see on the bottom right.
That particular paper was designed by Crate Paper.

032 033

I was super excited to do the Virginia Beach layout because I purchased the Project Life Summer Themed Cards back in May and have been anxiously waiting to use them…they are so stinking cute! I kept two of my Sunshine Core Kit cards (“Today is Beachy”, using the cutest Thickers I got for 1.50 from Marshalls), but the rest are Summer cards.


I once again used Design D for my vertical pictures, and I can’t stress enough how much I don’t like using these. I don’t find them aesthetically pleasing and I also hate that I then have to use at least 3 photos on the other side. I miss my Design G, but I don’t want to let these go to waste. Maybe they will grow on me. And I don’t hate using the cards vertically, because I’ve gotten some cute ones through my SC kits and themed cards. Still, something about them…


I ended the month with a layout dedicated to spending time with my friends. The top and bottom have different focuses, and I probably could’ve done pages for both, but I condensed it so that I could start fresh on the left side next month.

I enjoy these layouts and the memories, but I felt a little uninspired. I always try to bang it all out in one sitting, and that can be good or bad. The great thing is, I can always go back and change the decorative cards, add more journaling and embellishments, or just play around a little more with the way the pictures are placed.

For now, this works just fine!

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