Greatest Hits: June Edition

I say it all the time, but life is flying by. The days fly, the weeks fly. It’s insane! Working in retail doesn’t help since I work days, nights, and weekends. I kept thinking today was Thursday. It’s a jumble. Not to mention the fact that it’s also the second day of July. WOW. Breathe in and out.

Every time I want to write, I just can’t get myself to sit down and do it.
So here’s a post of things that happened in June that slipped through the cracks!


So I posted about my trip to Virginia twice, but there’s no doubt that was a highlight of the month. Not just getting away, but traveling that far on my own for the first time. A total of 13 hours in the car, something I’m proud I accomplished successfully (although I’m very glad I’ll be with Brad when we go again at the end of this month!).


I got my first official Studio Calico Project Life kit in the mail. It’s the second one, but I bought May’s box after it was released. In fact, my third box is being packed right now. I’m so excited about this new subscription.
Check out some more information here!


Brad and his friend/biz partner Tim made a short horror film starring their friend Drake that you can check out here.
It was fun watching them in action. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for these guys!


Celebrating some of my favorite peoples’ birthdays (and the new job/move, which I’m kind of sad about).


Brad’s cousin got married in a nice little ceremony with an unconventional (in a good way) reception!


I got lucky and had a whole month of free coffee at Panera (one a day, iced or hot). It was such a lifesaver.
I can’t express how much I adore Panera. It’s my fave place to sit for lunch, read, and get away from work for an hour.


Seeing one of my favorite people, Ed Rafter, even if only for a couple of hours. Lucky girl!


My dearest friend Catie was in from Arizona, so I got to see her for longer than a couple of hours in the past year.
I visited her in Sparta, NJ and spent the night being “Lakeside Girls” with her. So nice to see people I love!

June felt a bit uninspired, but looking back, I got to do some really great things and see some really great people.
A lot of the time, it’s hard for me to step outside of the box and visit with friends (especially when it includes traveling alone or spending money), but I realize the importance of it. It’s good (obviously) to see new places and familiar faces.


  1. June looked like such fun! Free month of coffee at Panera? How did you score that?? Awesome!

    1. Apparently it was a random pick for Panera cardholders and I got lucky!

  2. Nick and Paulina are moving?

    1. Yes. Nick got a job so he's already in Ephrata, PA (near Lancaster) living with his brother. Paulina is getting life situated with her business before she moves, too, and I guess they have to look for a home as well! So bummed. Everyone leaves us!