Big Sis Little Sis


My little sis is jetting off to Florida in a couple of hours. She’ll be doing all sorts of fun things (like the beach and, more importantly, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter) and I’ll still be at home working.

Regardless, she’ll be back next week and I got to spend this entire week with her. Usually, I’m excited for the weekend. And trust me, I couldn’t be happier that it is the weekend or that I’m having such a good one. But this week was great, all thanks to her.

Having a sister is an extremely lucky thing, especially since we are a mere 2 years apart. We’ve always been close, but college did separate us for a bit. The most important thing is, she truly is my best friend.

I hope you have a safe trip, Maria! Thanks for spending time with me, dying my hair, and hanging out with my friends. You are the best.

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