The Weekend

I don't know how we could survive without it.
I mean, when I'm out of school maybe it won't matter anymore.
But something will always ring true about a Friday or Saturday night and the complete and utter freedom it holds.

I love going out. I did last night with a bunch of people. Two of my roomies, one's boyfriend, my best friend, and my...well, whatever he is at the moment. And we had an amazing time, dancing and drinking and not giving a shit about anything.

I work Saturdays, 4-10. Right in the middle of this carefree day. But I wouldn't trade the shift. Plus, I work at Blockbuster, and a lot of people like to come in after their dates or with their loud groups of friends to pick the movie to watch tonight. The way they want to spend their weekend, their free time. Relaxing, alone or together.

I just wish we had a camera to take pictures of the good times we had last night. Unfortunately, none of us carry them around anymore. And now all I have our very foggy memories to cling to. However, there's some video footage of some ridiculous stuff that I need to see and then probably convince to be deleted.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

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