For these posts, I like to try and find a picture of myself…but I realize I haven’t taken many “selfies” lately.
I didn’t get to talk about my new short ‘do on the blog, but there it is. It’s getting super shaggy, I’m hoping to get it shaped up soon!

Sandwiches! As a post-work vacation celebration, Brad surprised me by ordering one of my favorite sandwiches that is no longer on the menu at a local deli. I also enjoyed a small hoagie yesterday. I love the ability to go simple or complex with sandwiches…and no matter what, they are always tasty!
Gin and Tonic is my cocktail of choice at the moment. Gin has been my favorite liquor for a while now, but I was lucky enough to receive a bottle of Hendrick’s for my birthday and holy moly, is that some great gin! I love a nice pour of the good stuff on ice with some fresh, crisp tonic and a couple of lime wedges squeezed in for taste and décor. Easy and refreshing for hot summer days and nights!
The Dainty Squid is one of the blogs I’ve most recently added to my reading list. I have been following her on Instagram for a while, so it took me long enough. To be honest, though, I’ve mostly been checking the posts on her Nail tag. Her nail art inspires me so much!
A little while ago, Brad and I started watching Doctor Who and I got hooked. Never thought it would happen, but it’s such an engaging, funny, compelling and entertaining show. We haven’t had a chance to lose ourselves in some episodes in a bit, but I can’t wait to pick it back up.
Lana Del Rey is my go-to music anyway, but it’s especially fitting in the summer.
I’m just getting into indie polishes…I’ve been checking them out for a while, but I made my first purchase from Happy Hands a while back and I can’t wait to add more to my collection, and from a bunch of different makers as well.


  1. you rock the short hair! it's beautiful!

    1. I have no idea why I'm just seeing this now, but thank you :)