Back to the Grind

Mondays are already a bummer, but after a week off? Forget about it.


The rest of my vacation (aka: the weekend) was pretty good. We spent all of Friday (which was super insanely hot, like the rest of the weekend) with Brad’s cousin Shawn and his wife Rebecca. I basically consider them my cousins at this point. We grilled food all evening and I was eaten by bugs, but it was a lovely night and delicious food. That picture up there is of grilled jalapenos stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon. I was skeptical, but HOLY MOLY. So good. We also had fresh guacamole and grilled chicken kabobs with orange peppers and mushrooms.
Happy Belly!
The rest of the weekend was rough for me. I found it hard to enjoy my time (even though I got to see my BFF Ed Rafter, which is always awesome!), because the end was so near. And that got me thinking…


I can’t keep wishing away my days, work or not, for the future free moments. Or dreading the future un-free moments. But that’s what I do. Seriously, last Monday I was already upset that our vacation had begun because that meant it would be ending and then I’d have nothing to look forward to anymore. Talk about pessimism. I find that I can’t enjoy anything without worrying about the past or fearing for the future.

Do you do that? How do you stop?

Regardless, I still had a lovely and much-needed breather.
I’m going to just have to keep working on making every single day a wonderful one.

Happy Monday, guys!
(And don’t worry, 5 will be here before ya know it!)

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