This Weekend via Afterlight…

As much I adore my iPhone like my own flesh and blood, I have to admit that I miss breaking out the Canon Rebel and taking pictures of life.
I am thankful that the iPhone 5 has such a lovely camera and a plethora of editing apps, but the more I looked around this weekend, the more I wished I had my DSLR to play with settings, to get crisp photos, and to have more fun editing later.
I must remove it from the camera bag it’s been sleeping in very very soon.
I miss it.

‘Til then, here are some photos I took this weekend, edited in Afterlight. I added the same instant film frame to each photo to keep a nice flow.


This lime is from Friday night. Brad and I entertained our friend Terry and his girlfriend Julia, which meant that the guys cooked for like, 4 hours and I got tipsy on Hendricks gin and tonic. When I cut this lime open, the fruit was so bright, juicy, and perfect I couldn’t resist a pic!


On Saturday, after a looooong nap, I walked to Goldstein’s to pick up some club sandwiches for Lou and I. On the way back, I spotted this cat watching me from the window of the cleaners. It was a super pleasant surprise, and I swear he/she posed as soon as I brought out the phone.


Now that summer is just about here, that means the hankering for ice cream will get stronger. Brad, Josh, Maria, and I went to DQ for some sweet treats (the waffle bowl sundae is my go-to). I have a massive, itchy bug bites on my feet from eating outside, but it was worth it.


Sunday, we spent half the day at Brad’s aunt’s house and half the day at mine. Both were for cookouts. I nearly exploded from all the tasty food! But I had the most fun taking pictures of Brad’s aunt’s dogs. They are both theatrical in their own way. And I’m not trying to play favorites, but I’m saving some choice Sophie shots for another post. This is Max, who is very yappy, laying in the sun after he got gated out for licking us and barking over the food too much. He was actually pretty cool with it, as you can tell.


Brad’s family is by no means stuck in the past, but I swear they seem to hold onto somewhat “ancient” radios and they work as if they were just purchased that morning. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore. I love that this one has an 8-Track player, haha.


This is the beautiful view we get in our backyard, at my family’s house. It’s so peaceful there, so quiet. I loved sitting on the deck, talking to my dad and Brad. We enjoyed a couple of shandies and more food, of course.


Finally, Maria (being the cutie she is) made these adorable and tasty sugar cookies!

All these little bits and pieces made up for a great weekend. I hope you had one, too!

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  1. This makes me excited to spend some summer days/nights together! We MUST remember to take photos when hanging out more!