Recent Reads: The 5th Wave (Book #22 of 2013)


So, the truth about me is that I’ve never really given much thought to aliens or life on other planets.
I’m not saying I don’t believe in it (what do I know?), but it was just not on my list of things to think about.

Brad got The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey for me for my birthday, mostly because I saw the review on Entertainment Weekly and knew I had to read a book they deemed worthy of an A. Also, YA, kinda-futuristic tough chick against the odds…doy, of course I wanted to read it.

I put off reading it for a little bit as I finished some other books and then it just so happened to coincide with watching the movie Dark Skies and starting to watch Doctor Who…suddenly, my life became consumed with the idea of other universes and aliens.
I didn’t plan it…I feel like it was meant to happen. Needless to say, I got a little paranoid.

The description of The 5th Wave from the review didn’t even touch what actually happens in the book.
Yes, Cassie is our heroine…but her side of the story isn’t the only one we get to read about.
I liked being in the dark with the story so I’ll give you a brief overview so that, if you choose to read it, you’ll experience it like me.

The Others have arrived. It was suspected, but there was no idea just how it would happen and what would come of it.
Unfortunately, they didn’t come in peace.
First, they depleted the electricity and energy. Airplanes fall from the sky, no more cell phones or computers, etc.
Next, the tsunamis came, knocking the out every city and state on the coasts and then some.
Then came the Red Death…people getting ill to the point of bleeding out and dying.
And then, the violence.

4 waves. Billions of humans killed.
So those that survive, Cassie included, are left in a bind.
Who do you trust? Who are the Others?

I enjoyed this book, and it was a real step out of my comfort zone.
I will say that it was shockingly violent for a YA novel.
I know that the same could be said of The Hunger Games, but there’s something about boys and girls aged 16 and younger are learning to handle guns, are learning to kill, filled with rage and fear. That was rather intense.
But I thought it was well written and if you like aliens and sci-fi, you should definitely pick this up.
Even if you don’t, this might be a good way to ease yourself into it.

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