I recently picked up a penchant for Luna bars. I’ve been waking up early for shifts at my part-time gig, and they are the perfect snack for 15 minute break. I have the Peanut Honey Pretzel and it’s delicious.
I’ve enjoyed hard ciders for a couple of years now, but after while I ended up getting sick of them. In the last month, I was introduced to Stella Artois Cidre and it is so tasty, crisp, and light. It’s a bit pricy for a 4 pack, but the flavor is definitely worth it. A nice end-of-the-week treat, for sure.
With Catching Fire so dang close (I already have my movie ticket for Saturday night…IMAX baby!), I’m trying to reread the book. I forgot just how excellent the book is, how great of a writer Suzanne Collins is. I know I’m not going to finish it in time because my next few days are busy, but it’s still awesome to read. With so many books to choose from at home, I settled for the easy out.
The final series of one of my favorite shows, Misfits, is on Hulu. The latest episodes are on the site the day after they air in the UK. I’ve raved about this show in the past and can’t stress enough how much I recommend it. It’s funny and intense and sad and cheeky, so pretty much perfect! Last series was not a strong point, but they seem to want to go out with a bang. I’ve enjoyed every episode so far. It should also be noted that I’ve decided to re-watch all of How I Met Your Mother from the beginning. I’m on disc three of season 1. Obviously, I have a lot of time on my hands. But it’s fun. I like the idea of going from the beginning and hopefully ending in enough time for the series finale.
I cannot stop singing “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood. It’s a sexy song, but it’s also really fun to sing. Repeat.
I am dying for a pair of ankle boots, something with buckles or straps. Examples here, here, here, and here.

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