Festive Fingers

Now that Halloween has come to an end (sadly), I can finally share some Halloween nails I did over the last month.
I’ve been waiting to do a big photo post for these, it’s much more fun that way!


Perhaps these don’t seem to belong here, but I was largely inspired by the slime look from Elleandish’s Halloween nail tutorial. I think purple and lime green have an awesome, slimy, monster-ish effect. Mostly, though, I was super proud of the way they turned out. I had a few people ask if they were stickers, and even I couldn’t believe I did them. This was my first time doing uniform dots (starting from the middle, lining them up a certain way). Usually I’m willy-nilly. If you do it like this, everyone will think they are nail strips, trust me!


Ahhhh, the black cat nails! I actually don’t care much for cats…they are adorable, but I’m allergic…but I had to do a cat manicure! The base is one of my new favorite colors, Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in Earl Gray (Funny enough, that’s the name of my best friend’s cat!). Again, I used an Elleandish tutorial to get the shape of the cats down, but I kept it simple with some green eyes for that eerie effect.


I was so excited to do these nails, but I know I’m going to try harder next time. I was proud of the (the base color is gorgeous and the clean up was pretty good, too!) but I wanted the bones a lot thinner and smaller. I wanted a ton of bones, like One Nail to Rule Them All, but you live and learn. I don’t think bones need to stay strictly Halloween, so I will be trying them again!


Pumpkin nails! Very necessary. I love playing with negative space, so I decided to keep my nail naked aside from the pumpkins on the tips. I used a lighter color orange to add a little dimension to the pumpkins. And then, for an accent nail, I did a Jack O’ Lantern!


This is another Elleandish look. Instead of doing stitched tips, I decided to go all Frankenstein’s monster and do a bunch of stitches. The green is another favorite, also Sally Hansen, called Loden Green. I don’t have anything else like it…it’s beautiful! The accent is meant to look like the Bride of Frankenstein’s hair! I think it came out nicely.


Despite the immense amount of time and effort put into these, I forgot about them until I glanced through my photos. SHAME ON ME!
These are sugar skulls, and I used CutePolish’s simple tutorial to achieve the look. The most time consuming part was putting the various colors around the eyes. I’m especially proud of the teeth, which were very easy to do!


My final festive look is a cemetery design, which I did using this CutePolish tutorial, and put the design on each hand. I decided to accent the ring finger with a nice full moon. I adore the dusk gradient (she recommended one purple with pink but I used two for a more drastic and blended look) and the little crosses.

There were so many more designs I wanted to do…who knows, I might still pull them out and make them appropriate, whatever I’m doing.
I had a lot of fun doing all of these…one of the best parts about nail art is celebrating holidays, special occasions, fandom, etc. on your nails!

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